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Citadel FM Internet Radio for Hospitality & Retail

About CitadelFM

CITADEL FM is an Internet Radio Stream that serves guests visiting hospitality, retail, health & fitness, and entertainment & lifestyle locations worldwide. Our goal is to provide an engaging, entertaining, and welcoming environment.

Making guests and customers happy is essential to us. Using the latest digital audio technologies and delivering quality audio content has allowed CitadelFM to expand and make our partners happy.

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Generate passive income with us. We are constantly looking to add new locations to our pay-per-use programs.

We also serve ads through our music stream from reputable advertisers like Geico, Progressive, and Home Depot.

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Here is what our listeners are saying about Citadel FM

I listen to the great music on  Citadel FM while watching sports on our TV. The difference is the Citadel FM pays me to listen!!. My customers love it too.

_Aziz H, C-Store owner

My customers love the funky music

_Mike P, Independent hotel owner

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